marți, 21 februarie 2012

Artist Marina Abramovic's Manhattan Home

All Abramović wanted in her new downtown Manhattan townhouse, which she recently purchased to share with close friend Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, is a bathroom with a tub. "A bath is the only way to relax in this crazy city," she says. After all, this is the woman whose work consistently deals with physical endurance and mortification of the flesh. One performance saw her whipping herself, then lying naked on a cross made of ice, and, for another, she lived in a gallery for 12 days, fasting, while the audience watched her sleep, sit, and go to the toilet — and the only way out would have meant climbing down a ladder with knife blades for rungs.

"When Riccardo and I met, I felt like we had the same tastes. I really love fashion, and he really loves art," she says. "For me, having Riccardo is like finding your identity." She occupies the lower three floors, which open onto a Japanese rock garden and a lap pool, while he has the top two floors.

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