marți, 6 martie 2012

Frida Kahlo’s Personal Photos Unsealed

 Shot predominantly in black-and-white, the small images play off of the transition from formal photography to the era of the casual snapshot of the thirties and forties (many include Kahlo’s handwritten notes on the back). One captures a brazen Kahlo casting a challenging look as she lounges on a bed with an unidentified person, another shows a close-up of her older and more somber with flowers in her hair and her lover, the American photographer Nickolas Muray, smiling over her shoulder. Though rare, the occasional acerbic color shocks of early Kodachrome technology are also present. In one such image, Kahlo is clad in a red cardigan and blue-and-white gingham shirt, tenderly holding a monkey and looking, strikingly, like one of her own painted portraits.


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